Friday, October 15, 2010

wink wink bla bla time

Wouhhh..guess wht??My allowance doesn't come yet!!What money now huh,little by little.....out to 0.huhuhu,wht supposed i have to eat!!!(ToT) Huhu,,..why,this time the esaimon have gone away,my money have to gone away tooo~~~~~~~waaa.....plezz someone,get me some tomyam for me to cOooL downnn..(it is supposed tht tomyam is spicy?) is my favouritee

My broadband also have been block..why?Just this month i don't pay yet that they???Huhhhh..+++++now i 'm angry....allowancee,money,n bla  bla have make my head seems to blow!

But.but..i'm happy today..hehe.Well,really really thanks to you.My mind seems to cOool down a bitt..haha.Although it is a bit shy, btw i'm happy.THANKS.

Weell.yeah.I want to buy manga.Of course!!But,when i get allowance la.How can,without money,to buy tht really impossible.I also want to post some manga,btw doesn't have chance...Coz it is have to waittt...huhu. 

i want to buy this you know... :D

the cat is so cuteeee!!!

 This the manga translation from Japan in Malay..waaa....i want to buy this!!!! You know,Maid Maiden is made by Koaru,the cartoonist in my country..hehe.I really like her cute,interesting,funny and adorable..especially Helious Eclipse :D

That's all from me..want to play play noww...bubyee


  1. org kureng sket ngn style kartun kaoru huhu more prefer to ben.. hehe so interesting loo crtoon dia... weeeee~~~

  2. ben menarik gak tapi sexy sikit..huhu.Tapi jln story dio mmg mantopp...