Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something that never came back..

A love...

How you know about love?

Love...something tht can't be describe,but through feeling and actions,can.

How about a love between human?

Have you ever feel it?Have you ever been too much love in it?Or,are you want to forget that love that make you a pain,and choose black path instead?


When it comes a pain,some will recover,some will not.But..the most thing is that,a love can also bring us a happiness but also a disaster..

Why happiness?

Because when we are together with someone we love,we feel we are the most happiest person

Why pain?

When we break up or the one we love doesn't reply to us and also,choose another one..

Some can't accept it,some also hate it,some also in sadness in a very long time..They ask themselves.Why you choose him/her?


If someone that we love is happy,should we happy for them too?Why we have to punish our selves for them?They are happy.Yes,we sad.But,if he/she didn't like/love us,why have to force them to love us?Love with force,can't bring happiness,but a pain.We want them,but they..not.The sign is obvious,but we can't accept the sad we are..and how cruel we are.


This world is not just have one person.In the future,we also found some one better..Do not stop there,do not give up.

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