Friday, October 29, 2010

Why father???

Do you want to know a story?A story about a daughter who want a 'love' from her father...shhhh,read..

Father...i don't know wht i supposed to say about you..i always asking myself,are you hate me?You didn't love me?You want me as your daughter?Or you...didn't like be your daughter..

I know father,i know.You embarassed when people call me stupid,you didn't even look at me when people call me like that.Because i am really stupid! I know i didin't smart in school..teachers hate me,and some of them look down at me too and same with our family.But, always teach me to be smart,to survive.But,why you didn't like that father?Why didn't you tough me too?Why you didn't sit beside me when i need you?Why?Why?Father...please answer.

Father!Mom cry!!I don't know wht to do..please father.Comfort her..please.Huh?Father,why you said rude things to mother?She is crying,she need you.She want you father..why you look down at her to same with others?She is a nice wife,why you make her like that?Why you said rude things to her?!I hate you father!

Father! Father! Look! I've success now!!I just have been accept to the university!I've made mom and you proud!! Smile father,smile for me...i have make you proud to me for the first time..right father?Smile..Thank you father.I like you smile at me and really look at your daughter.

Father..thanks for sent me here.I really happy that you want to sent me to the university.I really made you proud eh? Thank God,you really love me.You hug me,make me want to cry.For the first time,you really hug me father.You did not look down at me anymore..

Father..i call you.Why you didn't answer it? I miss you father.Please father...answer.I didn't need money,and didn't ask about it,i just want to know how you.Please answer..don't afraid about that.I will not ask about it.I just want hear to your voice..i want you to ask about me,how i am here...But,why you did not answer it?You hate me??Do you hate me that much father?? I'm sorry for make you hate me..i just want you to really love me,as your daughter.


  1. ti....neyh ke cite yg ti smpn kat kami suma?? bila aq tye...ti x mao cita..ney ke cite sbnrnye ti??
    share wif me ti....
    sabar la......mungkin ade sbb yg kite x tahu kn...hurm...
    ape pown ti..dye ttp ayh...ayh ti..sampai mati pown hubungan itu xkn terputus..
    sayangi lah dye slagi dye masih ade....
    sabar ya

  2. eh..bknlah cik iwa...nie story mory ambik dari satu laman webb..rasa best,sbb tu ambik sikit..hehe.Jgn risau,xde apa2 ... :)

  3. ti........... ti ada sembunyikan pape dri kami kan ti?? kalau ada pape bgtau kami k.. xpe, kami ada.. ti, kuat semngat okke!

  4. takdelahh..nie post ambik dri laman webb.. jgn risau,x de apa2..ok?? Tqqq..tgh kuat semangat niee!! :D