Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm in the mood of miss u,manga..huhuk.Still can't read it and still can't provide it.huhu :(.i WANT TO READ!!!!!Is there anybody here want to give me??Well,yeahh..either you give me or not,i still can't read exm will be cOming sOoon.So,i have to add more patient in my self.Waiting also make benefit right?hehe

I'm also in the mood of happy now..:$.And also a feeling of guilty.Hmm,no matter wht,past is past,and i want to make it memory(part of myself).I can't be like that again,and i don't want to do the same thing to him..But,slowly,i want to keep myself up. . :).Past is past,now..i have to forget it. I have choose this path,no matter wht,the risk is wht i have to take.Hope i will not regret it..Thanks for give me your strength my friends,(hana n iwa)tq very muchh.I'm so sorryy 4 always said (sedih) out of my mouth.Sometimes,i didn't mean it,it is just a joke.ehehe..But,thank you.. :).


  1. it's okke my dear fren... senyum sokmo okke n forget da past yg meresahkan anda okke.. yippie~ --------> p/s:malam ni makan jom kt kafe~ hihi.. :) :) ;)

  2. huhuhu..thanks hana :)..jom2,p/s :hana belanja :P