Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fever aka Demam

Nape kau wahai demam?MySpace

Datang nak serang aku time2 aku tgh stado nk mampos nk exam nih?MySpace
Nape kau x datang waktu aku tgh sibuk jalan jauh2 datang ke kuliah?MySpace

Kalau kau datang masa tu,aku dapat mc,dapat tdo dgn enaknya dlm bilik..MySpace

Tak perlu aku serabut dgn apa2,dgn rileksnya otak aku boleh rehat..heheMySpace

Aku pelik dgn kau demam,nape kau sanggup buat aku mcm ni?....MySpace
Tak kesian ke kau kat aku?MySpace

Aku nk stado je,bkn study betul2..kan kau suka tu.MySpace

Kau serang aku time nie,aku tak dapat mc exam...huhuhuMySpace

Aku sedih ngn kau demam,sedih sekaliMySpace

Aku nk tumbuk kau supaya kau berambus cepatMySpaceMySpace

Tapi,tak boleh sebab aku tak nampak kau...MySpace

Tak kesian ke kau dgn aku?
Kalau kau kesian kat aku,silakan pergi dri badan aku..MySpace

Aku dh sedia karpet merah kat kau...MySpace

Sekian....khas utk yg bernama Demam,uhuhuk

(Apa aku melalut lagi ni)

Something that never came back..

A love...

How you know about love?

Love...something tht can't be describe,but through feeling and actions,can.

How about a love between human?

Have you ever feel it?Have you ever been too much love in it?Or,are you want to forget that love that make you a pain,and choose black path instead?


When it comes a pain,some will recover,some will not.But..the most thing is that,a love can also bring us a happiness but also a disaster..

Why happiness?

Because when we are together with someone we love,we feel we are the most happiest person

Why pain?

When we break up or the one we love doesn't reply to us and also,choose another one..

Some can't accept it,some also hate it,some also in sadness in a very long time..They ask themselves.Why you choose him/her?


If someone that we love is happy,should we happy for them too?Why we have to punish our selves for them?They are happy.Yes,we sad.But,if he/she didn't like/love us,why have to force them to love us?Love with force,can't bring happiness,but a pain.We want them,but they..not.The sign is obvious,but we can't accept the sad we are..and how cruel we are.


This world is not just have one person.In the future,we also found some one better..Do not stop there,do not give up.

p/s :exam dah dekat,sempat lak melalut dlm blog..hehehe.Wish me luck!MySpace

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why father???

Do you want to know a story?A story about a daughter who want a 'love' from her father...shhhh,read..

Father...i don't know wht i supposed to say about you..i always asking myself,are you hate me?You didn't love me?You want me as your daughter?Or you...didn't like be your daughter..

I know father,i know.You embarassed when people call me stupid,you didn't even look at me when people call me like that.Because i am really stupid! I know i didin't smart in school..teachers hate me,and some of them look down at me too and same with our family.But, always teach me to be smart,to survive.But,why you didn't like that father?Why didn't you tough me too?Why you didn't sit beside me when i need you?Why?Why?Father...please answer.

Father!Mom cry!!I don't know wht to do..please father.Comfort her..please.Huh?Father,why you said rude things to mother?She is crying,she need you.She want you father..why you look down at her to same with others?She is a nice wife,why you make her like that?Why you said rude things to her?!I hate you father!

Father! Father! Look! I've success now!!I just have been accept to the university!I've made mom and you proud!! Smile father,smile for me...i have make you proud to me for the first time..right father?Smile..Thank you father.I like you smile at me and really look at your daughter.

Father..thanks for sent me here.I really happy that you want to sent me to the university.I really made you proud eh? Thank God,you really love me.You hug me,make me want to cry.For the first time,you really hug me father.You did not look down at me anymore..

Father..i call you.Why you didn't answer it? I miss you father.Please father...answer.I didn't need money,and didn't ask about it,i just want to know how you.Please answer..don't afraid about that.I will not ask about it.I just want hear to your voice..i want you to ask about me,how i am here...But,why you did not answer it?You hate me??Do you hate me that much father?? I'm sorry for make you hate me..i just want you to really love me,as your daughter.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bite a day... :)

Exam is around..oh,no..i'm dead...just doing unbenefit things in this study week..hohoho...(really dead!!)MySpace

*SIGH*When i thinking wht i'm doing in this week..MySpace

-Facebook (always online!)
-Listening music (better)
-Comment in fb (??) 

-Sleep the most (whoa)


Oh,okey..have to stop this.No more lazy day..huhuhu.Focus exam!(really?) 

But,i study today...hehe.Study with my tuttt! Although it is a date with books!Hahaha,but it is sweett.. :)MySpace

I'm happy and also worried...huhuhu.But,the thing  is i am like this now :D.The mood of HAPPY.Kekekeke (^^)MySpace

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halal Industry Development Corporation(HDC)

I just found the widget of searching halal products by the web of Halal Industry Development Corporation(HDC) in the magazine.This is for muslims who want to searching the halal products and the information.I just use it and i found it is useful and i hope it is same for you too.. :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm in the mood of miss u,manga..huhuk.Still can't read it and still can't provide it.huhu :(.i WANT TO READ!!!!!Is there anybody here want to give me??Well,yeahh..either you give me or not,i still can't read exm will be cOming sOoon.So,i have to add more patient in my self.Waiting also make benefit right?hehe

I'm also in the mood of happy now..:$.And also a feeling of guilty.Hmm,no matter wht,past is past,and i want to make it memory(part of myself).I can't be like that again,and i don't want to do the same thing to him..But,slowly,i want to keep myself up. . :).Past is past,now..i have to forget it. I have choose this path,no matter wht,the risk is wht i have to take.Hope i will not regret it..Thanks for give me your strength my friends,(hana n iwa)tq very muchh.I'm so sorryy 4 always said (sedih) out of my mouth.Sometimes,i didn't mean it,it is just a joke.ehehe..But,thank you.. :).

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hari nie mmg mood mmg gila-gila down.Marah ,sedih,kecewa,yg negative emo semuanyaa termasuk dlm badan.Huh,kira emo la.Sape x emosi bila kerja kita buat bertungkus-lumus nk siap sampai sanggup korbankan tidur tu mendapat secubit je?

Mmg terkejut sangat bila tengok esaimen yg ditunjukkan oleh lecturer senipis papan.Huh? Biar betul??!!Tu ke esaimen kitaorg?TULA YG TERLINTAS.Bahan-bahan rujukan ada 1.Terkejut 'giler'.Padahal,dah letak semua bahan dlm folio,tgk2 1 je ada??Mana semua hilang??Susah payah pergi library,cari bahan majalah,internet apa semua,rupanya ada 1 je dlm folio!Bkn salah sesiapa,maybe salah kitaorg mengharapkan seseorang untuk hantar folio sebab masa tu kelam kabut nk pegi KL.Entahlah..mmg pelik bin ajaib,bahan-bahan tu takde dlm folio dan takde dalam bilik.Jadi,mana ia menghilang?

Mmg sedih sangat hari i just make fake smile.Senyum pura-pura.Ialah,takkan nk keluar ayat sedih je(mmg dh keluar pun).Bila fikir susah payah kitaorg buat artikel,cari bahan untuk buat apa yg dikehendaki dan hasilnya x seperti apa yg diharapkan,sememangnya :( beginilah sy.Malah,markah pom menjadi nyawa2 ikan.Mmg kecewa sangat...Apa nk buat,benda dh jadi,terpaksalah terima (TOT).


Saturday, October 16, 2010

♥♥♥♥♥Memories always in my heart,my mind,and my soul♥♥♥♥♥♥

Are you same with me?Whenever we go,at the same place that we went before,the memory always pop up in your mind? The memory with friends,family,gf/bf n ex bf/gf,or anyone else that you feel really lovee them,want to protect them n always want them to smile..beside yOu...Ah,whenever i think abt that,just when in high school,my clazzmates and i make lots of our memory together...figthing,crying(that's me,haha),laughter,n also went out together,gossips(that bad habit,hehe),sleep in our class,singging(especially boys),make me want to go there again.But,the time can't rotate..and i can't back there anymore.One thing for sure,our memory together always exists.It will never be delete like that except you lost memory...:(.When i back to my hometown,i look at my school,n the memory came..The funny is that,when i in high school,i want to finish it quickly!Now,i want be there again!!..But,it will never happen unless you have magic.Boom!!Became high  school again..hehe...

For my classmates,remember to take care urself whenever you are.Also bestfriend of mine,Sabariah,Fatin,Atiqah,Noriza,plezzz take care yourself ok?It doesn't matter how far we are,you always in my heart..please remember that.I'm so sorry if i have made you angry,don't keep in touch with you,i'm really sorry..Thanks for listen my problemo when we in high school,thanks also for your advice,thanks also for take care of me,really really THANK YOU.I love you all ♥♥♥.Atiqah,plezz smile again ok?Please come back sweety,i miss our time together.. :(.I want you to be happy dear like our time too....pleazee,we can talk ehem ehem again..hehe.Like our time..i want you to smile for me again.I miss you dear..please recover quickly,keep strongg!!I always with yOu!! Ok dear? :)..

I feel like i want to cry..haha.wht a weak of me..hehe.No matter wht,i reallly miss them.. :(..Love from me to them..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Now,my memory with my friends (college).Really really sweet time when we together..thanks for making sweet memories friends.Love u all♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

sleep in class,she is so tired(i think)hehe

Sweet memory together in KL...

~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Moshi Moshi Daisuki♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~

P/S :DO NOT copy this picture!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

wink wink bla bla time

Wouhhh..guess wht??My allowance doesn't come yet!!What money now huh,little by little.....out to 0.huhuhu,wht supposed i have to eat!!!(ToT) Huhu,,..why,this time the esaimon have gone away,my money have to gone away tooo~~~~~~~waaa.....plezz someone,get me some tomyam for me to cOooL downnn..(it is supposed tht tomyam is spicy?) is my favouritee

My broadband also have been block..why?Just this month i don't pay yet that they???Huhhhh..+++++now i 'm angry....allowancee,money,n bla  bla have make my head seems to blow!

But.but..i'm happy today..hehe.Well,really really thanks to you.My mind seems to cOool down a bitt..haha.Although it is a bit shy, btw i'm happy.THANKS.

Weell.yeah.I want to buy manga.Of course!!But,when i get allowance la.How can,without money,to buy tht really impossible.I also want to post some manga,btw doesn't have chance...Coz it is have to waittt...huhu. 

i want to buy this you know... :D

the cat is so cuteeee!!!

 This the manga translation from Japan in Malay..waaa....i want to buy this!!!! You know,Maid Maiden is made by Koaru,the cartoonist in my country..hehe.I really like her cute,interesting,funny and adorable..especially Helious Eclipse :D

That's all from me..want to play play noww...bubyee


Semalam,mendapat khabar berita bhw salah seorang dari pelajar klj sy  meninggal akibat accdnt.Meninggal di tempat kejadian tnpa sempat dibwa ke hspital.Terkejut bila dapat tahu,apthlagi dia masih muda dalam lingkungan 20.Belum sempat bergelar seorang guru,mendidik anak bangsa...

sy tidaklah begitu mengenalinya,atau lebih tepat tidak kenal,tetapi selalu gklah lihat dia di mktab ni.Walaupun bgitu,perasaan itu tetap ada..perasaan kehilangan,kerana dia merupakan warga institut.Apathalagi,kehilangan itu lebih dirasai oleh sahabat-sahabatnya yang rapat dengannya dan keluarganya .Itu pasti amat menyedihkan.Dan ini menyedarkan kita bhw kematian akan sentiasa menjemput kita,tidak kiralah muda atau tua.Kita tak bleh anggap bila kita dah tua,baru kita akan mati..itu sememangnya x benar.Al-fatihah kepadanya,moga rohnya sentiasa diccri rhmat. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hari nie,setelah tdOoooo sepuasnya,berinternet  sekejap.Ehehehe,selepas pi Kl selama tiga hari,sememangnya badan ini perlukan rehat iaitu tdo yg panjang.Ahahaha :o.Namun,nk rileks rileks pom tak bleh.Ada je masalah nk menyibuk time nie.Oklah,time nie sya nk jerit kuat2 bagi 'org tu dengar'.Sakit hati yg ditahan tahan ini patut lepas je kan?Kalau tahan,habislah,mmg tekanan makin bertambah jawabnye.

''Org nk enjoy,bukan nk pikir pasal kau.Kau paham tak?dah kau cakap kau boleh terima hubungan kita is OVER!so?plezz la jgn ganggu aku ag.Kau ingat aku terhegeh2 sangat ke dekat kau???Wei,terima jela hakikat ni.sekejap kau kata boleh terima,sekejap tak!Yang kau nk seksa aku sampai macam ni,apehal??? Aku tak nk fikirkan kau lagi,kau paham takk??????Entah bahasa apa ag patut aku cakap supaya kau faham??N kau jgn ganggu family aku!Tu family aku tau tak,yg kau nk libatkan diaorg tu apasal??Kau asyik paksa aku,call aku setiap malam,aku serabut tau tak!Aku tak nak fikirkan kau lagi!! Kalau kau dh tahu aku tak nk kat kau,yg kau ganggu jugak aku apehal???hahhh???Pernah ke kau fikirkan perasaan aku??Tak pernah kann???? Cukup cukupla ganggu hidup aku lagi!! Aku pun ada hal lain yg patut aku fikirkan dari kau nih! Nape kau x kesiankan aku sebagaimana aku kesian kan kau hah?Aku pun manusia,fikirkan la perasaan aku.Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz la!Aku dah makin serabut dengan kau,tau tak?Makin sakit jadinya +++++ benci makin bertambah kat kau!Kau kata kau tak nk aku benci kat kau!Jadi,apa tindakan kau buat?Makin menjadi-jadi adalah!Tolong la fikirkan perasaan aku,lupakan jela aku ni.Tolonglah......terima je hakikat tu.Aku bkn nk seksa kau dengan tak jawab panggilan kau,cuma aku tak nak bagi kau harapan palsu yang tiada kesudahannya,Tolonglah..........aku ada banyak lagi nk fikir selain kau,jgn buat aku macam ni...jgn ganggu aku lagi.Tolonglah.........''

Lega sedikit.(sedikit je)selagi masalh ni x selesai,makin bertambahlah jawabye...Haduii.Maaflah kalau sape2 yg mengenali diri ini terkejut macam bunyi kilat tu bila baca post kali ni.Yep,ini baru separuh,bukan semua lagi.Huhuhu,bknnye apa.Rasa nk luah kuat2 ,org lain pom da keje gak kan>>Jadi,luah jela dlm blog.huhu.Masalh mmg ada dlm diri manusia,tak mungkin takde.Cuma terpulang terhadap individu tersebut utk atasinye.. :(.Maaflah post kali ini lebih emosi...:(

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mucha Mucha Daisuki by Shimaki Ako have been a few days that i post manga.When this assignment will be the END????!! I can't wait to read manga again..huhuhu.Please assignment,can you stop bothering me??I want to read manga you know.. :(

Well,that is my fullstOp of bla bla.Because i don't have much time to read manga,sO i will tell about the manga that i have read it a long time ago.Well,yeah,A long time.Btw,this manga for me,really touching you know,although you maybe...not satisfied with the ending..hehehe.

The manga :$


Mucha Kucha Daisuki 
Alternative Name むちゃくちゃ大好き。; 东京爱情物语; Love You Like Crazy
Years of Released 2001
Status Completed
Author(s) Shimaki Ako
Artist(s) Shimaki Ako
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Tragedy


Katagiri Aoi lives in the countryside, and likes it just fine there. Yet, to her dismay, her parents are moving to Tokyo, and she has to come along. Just before leaving her home town, however, she has a chance encounter with a visiting Tokyoite, Sugita Tsuyoshi, a city-born playboy type. On impulse, he kisses her--only to realize that this kiss, unlike all the others, carries unexpected meaning for them both.

Extra stories:
vol1: Love
vol1: The River Person
vol3: Psycho Love
vol4: Wait For a Night When Snow Falls
vol4: Your and My Rendezvous (Rendebu)
vol4: A Tearful Tale of Love


Before you read it,please make sure you noticed the genres.This manga have the genre of tragedy.Like me,i was shocked when i read this,although i don't like sad endings,but it is best for the manga.Btw,don't you noticed that if the manga have tragedy as the genre,it is best story ever??Well,i agree that it is sad endings,and everyone does not like that,but for me(just my opinion)really good manga than others.If you don't like the sad endings,it is up to you to read this manga.

Oh,before i forget to tell you,the tragedy means that one of the main character(means hero or heroine)died aka passed away :c


Why you let me wait you like this?
Answer me please... :(
I'm sick waiting for you...
Although you said be patient,wait for you,make me cry..
You know...right?
I like yOu.....
just a simple wOrd but hard for me to say it...
Why you just keep silent??!!
You don't like me??
Please...answer me..
Don't make me like this..
I feel a little by little,losing you..
I don't want this!!!
Fine,i will wait for you no matter what!
Don't like it?Huh?? Just answer me...
Deep in my heart,losing you make me.....
I can't say it...
My tears...
i felt it...
Why you make me like this...
if you don't want me..
say it.....
don't make me wait for you.......again.

Specially for allowance....hehehe :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Assignment Ohhh Assigment~~

Warghhhh!!!!!Itulah salah satu jeritan yang tak sebarapa kuat dariku..keh2.Menjerit tak tentu pasal..(nasib baik dlm blog)takdela org nk marah-marah kita.Kui,kui,kui.Sebab apa ag kan,esaimOn ler..aka assignment.huhu.Yang perlu disiapkan  dalam minggu ni.Huhuhu,stresss+stresss+stresss u know.. :(.huhu

Buat pertama kali dalam sejarah(chewahh),logo ciptaan aka tak sebarapa sgt telah diterima.Yeyyyy!!!Gembira tak terkata.Tak sia2 korbankan tidur. :D.SoOOOooo happyy!!Walaupun ada bnyk ag tak siap,hehehe.Tq Drrr!!!

Senarai esaimOn tak siap ag :P.Grafik,seni,bi,hohohoho(bangga la pulak)

Lagi dasyat,sempat melalut dlm blog,keh2.Takpelah,blog sy.Dia sudi dengar gak tuan dia dok pot pet2.Tq blogg,i love uuu~~~ :L  Blog :i love u threee~~ :party.(Such a goOd couple)ahaksss :mj

I always sleepy, :f

Love you by Seo In Kook

Moshi-moshi everyOne ~~~~I really busy with my assignment nowdays :f,btw i really really want to touch my blog,ehehehe,just want to update although i can't provide you manga for a few dayss~~ :c.I have to go KL for 3 dayss,huhu..(days again)hehe.ok,you have heard a song in my blog right?What your opinion??Do you like it??Ahahaha,for a simple post today,i provide u the video of this song with English Subtitle.Enjoy!!