Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rest Time lol

Hohoho..time to rest my head after 2 days exam..YES2!!(Don't be jealous)kekeke :D.It is still a week until the 3rd paper come..ah,the paper of art,huhu.
Will be so bored in this week..no outing,no comics,no shopping..wah~~~MySpace 

My fever also come back after a first day exam.What??The night before today,my head was quite urghh~~so painful .. :'(MySpace,n the reading have to cancell..i have to go sleep early..(TOT)

But,good thing is my head didn't make any trouble when the exam day.If that,i will be fainted and no focus.. :(

Still,it is raining day of exam.(I remember last 'sem' also rain)It is really cold and i felt like  our country also have A cOld Day.hehe..good thing right?We can feel it same with other country.The different,no snow..haha. 

Have to stop my bla bla now...Want to watch korean drama 'Sassy Girl',heheheMySpace

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