Friday, November 5, 2010

The enjoy time ever

Hi hi hi~~~ :D

Hehehehe.....hehehehe...n hehehehe..again.

Why i laugh? is because yesterday,i already buy manga!!!!Wawawaw,sO happyyy!I think i have read 2,3,4,5..or maybe 10 times?? is really good story as i expected :D.The manga that i buy is the post before 'Kelembutan cinta berdua by Satsuki Mikiko'..really excited when i found it!!

Although it is a a bit shy when i in choosing comics..huhu.How dare my tutt laugh at me when i buy this!Huhu..grrr..bush bush at him.Well,yeahh..he already know i addict with this.hehe.At first,i want to buy two,but when thinking the price,whoa!Can't can't..just buy one.Cheap is better.. :).

Having a good time with my tuutt n my friends.Thanks to my tuutt also.I really enjoy it..thanks yOu for come because of me.Thanks.N also my friends,thanks for supportingg... :)

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