Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lazyness always in this bone??

What a 'weird' title up there..It is just pop up in my mind so i just type.Do you like it???Do you like it??hehehe(wht a crazy of me)

Well,yeahh..because today no exam,i want to bla bla as fast as low as middle as i can in my blog.Hehehe

Just now,i get an info tht allowance comes out today.Waaa,so exited!!But,when i'm thinking that i have to buy something....

-replace Hana's pendrive(sorry hana)I just lost it.huhu
-buy ticket to go home(yeaaaayyy)
- comics that i want to buy :D
-Broadband bill(that's later la)

The 'focus' i want to buy are comics and pendrive.Hopefully,i can found what i want in the shopping place..huuu...Now,i can smile bridelyy like the bride smile when her wedding!!!Yoooohoooo

Ok,now let's we look the title.Lazy huh?Yeah.i'm lazy.Lazy to do make over another blog of mine.Huh.REALLY REALLY LAZY.Once upon a time,my lecturer want us to do blog studio(i don't want it)Noooo!We have to put our logo there,in it.What??I think my logo look like...err?half beautiful (hehe).That blog studio already exists,but i dont make any post yet.Well,still thinking right nOw..should i?Ohh,please click here (if u want to see another blog of mine).huhu.ok,stop here.


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