Friday, September 24, 2010

Manga Koi Hirari by Mitsuki Miko

I'll be just straight to the title.No more talking-talking :D
 Have you hear about this manga?If yes,just read,if no, read n just keep in your mind :)

This manga is more focused on romance(again?),drama,and more important thing is comedy.I like to read this sO many times cOz it is so much funnyyy when the Sumire Misaki(the female character)when she blush,and her chibi face.It so cuteeee !!! :L.Of coz,the male charecter is soooo handsome,coolll and the thing is he loves her too much lol.I have said that this manga genre's also drama.This means that this manga have 12 chapters all in it.But,don't has already completed..hehehe (why i always said 'hehehe in my blog)*sigh.The climax in this manga is the appreance of the fiance (fiancee by who)shhhhh..i can't tell you.Why?Because i want you to read... :P

The special thing about the male character,Miyamoto Kzuki,is a traditional dancer and very well-known.Of course,if rich with just commoner,will his family accept it?Just you can answer... ;)

Same as before,provide the synopsis and bla bla bla.But,i not bored.Because i love it :$
Oh,before forget,for those who can't buy this manga in the shop or whatever,please click here,  
It's a surprise for youu...  :h

Alternative Name 恋、ひらり; 恋爱华舞曲; Addicted to You; Koi Hirari; Love, Lightly; adicta a ti (español latino)
Years of Released 2008
Status Completed
Author(s) Mitsuki Miko
Artist(s) Mitsuki Miko
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Reading Direction Read from right to left.
The synopsis :D

The food loving and pure-hearted Sumire Misaki's family is moving to the same town where her mother and father met and fell in love. Sumire's mother tells her that it's a town where she'll fall in love, and it she meets her first love in a very unexpected way: the good-looking Kazuki Miyamoto, as he tries to escape from his home. Through an unfortunate set of events, the wheels of fate have begun to turn for Sumire, as Kazuki is more than he appears to be. In fact, he's a traditional dancer! Will Sumire's first love be a happy one? Or does a bumpy road await her?

The scenesssssssssssssssssssssss....

Cute chibi your readinggg :D
 Hope you enjoy it  :party

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