Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey,hey,hey guess what i found!!!

Waaaahhh!!!I so exited todayyyy!!Guess what??I just found blog of mangaka sho Comi!The mangaka are Kanan Minami(Kyo wo hajimasu),Sugiyama Miwako,Watase Yuu,Ai Minase and so on.I will post the link in my blog. Of course,i can know the new manga that they were write(but i need translate)because they are full with japanese.Huhu,i need to learn Japanese language huh?It is not bad anyway.By the way,their blog really nice,some of them we can translate to English.There,we can know more about their life,ask them anything,and their new manga.I also getting more exited to read them.Ehehehe


                                        Sho comi >,<

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