Friday, September 24, 2010

The end of Kaichou wa maid sama??

Now,everyone is discussing about kaichou wa maid sama anime that have end in episode 26.I wonder it is really the end??Really,i think that it will be season 2 because the manga STILL continue.It is really the Best anime for me...huhuhu.Either way,i just found so many image of Usui-kun and Misaki-chan ^^.Reallyyy loveee them!!! Truthly,in my heart,i hope i can couple with Usui-kun >,< if i can become anime.Hahaha..but his fans will get angry with me because they like Misaki the most (ToT).So,even though the anime is in currently end,pleasee continue to read the manga.You will be not disappointed sO much!

I will stop here.Just want to test if my link can use or not ^^
Misaki and Usui-kun forever,alwayss~~~

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